what we do?

Shark Bite domains will buy domains either in bulk or through auctions.  We base our purchases through in depth traffic analysis, keyword presence or through a unique product niche that can be easily monetized.
After we purchase the internet real estate or domain, we build a web site around it and incorporate our targeted monetization plan to it.

Once the site is monetized and up and running, we place the site on one of our own low cost servers through Shark Bite Hosting and start the advertising phase.  The advertising phase uses targeted articles, newsletters, and our internal Scuba Names © process.

The completed site produces $2,000 through $5,000 annually for us.  Each site takes about 4 months to completely build out.


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Shark Bite Domains is probably the biggest kept secret on the internet.  Why?  Because we make money the old fashion way, we earn it.  We buy domain names, develop the names and allow the name to start earning money thru a variety of monetization avenues.

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